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I don't post here often but have been browser and searcher more than anything. Lots of great info on here. Thanks. I'm selling my 2002. Two kids and no time. Let me know if anybody is interested. Bike is paid for and sits in my garage. Looking to buy a Wakeboard boat for the boys. Anyway, here's a repeat of the local craigslist ad.


Very nice bike and in great condition. It has 12000 miles and is ready to ride. Brand new sealed battery and Metzeler 880 front tire. Rear OEM Dunlop is in good shape. Parts list totals over $11000, some of the parts include PM wheels, rotors and pulley, chrome bars, controls, pegs, levers, swing arm, etc, Custom Harley Color Shop Limited Paint set ( I have the original anodized tins), passenger pillion, stock pillion, Willi G seat (not pictured), reduced reach seat, Vance and Hines Pipes, and the list goes on. Pretty much every part available from the Harley catalog. I just had the front wheel and rotors repolished and are perfect. The rear wheel and pulley are pitting will need to be repolished to make them like new. The bike is available for view in Lexington I have the title in hand. I have two boys under 4 and am trading to a boat. Just no time to ride. Please have a look you will not be dissapointed. Call 336-250-3128
You can view a video at


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Nice bike - unfortunately you can buy 06/07/08 bikes for that money..

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i would break your ad into bullets:
-Performance Machine wheels,
-Pm rotors and
chrome bars,
-swing arm, etc,
-Custom Harley Color Shop Limited Paint set ( I have the
-original anodized tins),
-passenger pillion,
-stock pillion,
-Willi G seat (not pictured),
-reduced reach seat,
-Vance and Hines Pipes

you have it all jumbled in there, and it's hard to tell HOW MUCH stuff you have on it.

like that fairing, that is a big deal, folks want those.
and the mirrors are different too. and the cover.

you have a LOT of cool parts on there, but YOU have to list them out, to make a potential buyer choose your bike due to your parts.

FWIW, i would pile up all the spare parts orderly on the driveway,
and take pics of them too. that lets the buyer SEE what you have.

the only big hi res picture i saw was the one with the cover on it.

but yes, you may be a bit overpriced, but you have a LOT of cool parts.
a lot.

you are almost at the point of parting it out.

why do you reckon the PM wheels pit & peel so bad?
a buddy had them on his softail, they peeled & pitted like cheap chinese crap, very disappointing.

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just some info:

I bought this 02 with the same mileage as you for $8700

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