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ubetyerazz said:
Just got back from the stealer an hour from my doorstep (of course the one 2 minutes away has a bad reputation for service) with a labor quote I couldn't believe... :soapbox:

Now am I out to lunch or are they? Was quoted 20 hours @ $75/hr to basically R&R everything on the front (triple tree, fork sliders, springs, calipers, wheel & rotors) and rear (swingarm, rotor, pully, wheel, calipers) end of the bike, as well as swap out skins.

Any idea how much time this should really take?
Anybody that can turn a wrench should be able to do all of that and take an hour lunch in 8 hours or less! :thumb:

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I agree, 20 hrs for an experienced mechanic is crazy :spank: This should be a 1 day job. I'd get a quote from a different shop. If it's a small shop, you might even offer to help them, then you know how long it takes. ;) :sinister:

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No offense! Just don't do the dealer thing, he's trying to DO YU.

My guy is an independant and very good at it. He's quick enough for what he charges and jobs are well done, no hourly rate. More to the point, how much does a mechanic make in a year. I bet it's not that hourly rate for how much they work. Do they make $12000 a month at least then? I have no idea. Just curious. My vote is for the independent mech here, no dealer choke, at least the dealer here seems to think all customers are stupid, which is true for those who go to this particular one until they figure it out. Two weeks anything at least, not to mention the money. Mine was there for two months to check on some power loss. Turns out it was done three weeks after they figured an in tank pump replacement was needed. I told them so the first day I brought it in. Then they wanted $184 for some download when the RT was in order with them already. No pay, no sir. Lost two month warranty.

Ah! Also when I give an appointment to a person I do show up and provide the service unless I have an emergency, or unless sexual in nature :goof: :yak: . What could possibly be an emergency for an H-D dealer except being late all the time or better still why give appointments if it will always take two weeks or more to do it? $75/h for what :moon: ? 20h @ $75/h they're trying to steal from you and you better believe it. Resistance is not futile.

How bout aprox $1200 for PM brakes FR w 6piston fronts (two of course) exchanged and installed, JM exhaust install, bike dynoed three times, Rizoma belt guard installed, 28t + new belt HD kit install, Metz 200 bought + install from them, and help with the RT "install" and download. That's less than I expected for the new brakes without install alone. Be pushy and negotiate a fair price, keep as much of your money as you can. Some are not called stealers for nothing. Cheap? Yes, but with $1500 to spare :laugh: . Hope we get a smilie with a harder laugh than that cause I really enjoyed that one.

If they try to charge like that per hour I just wouldn't go there :hitfan: :2cents:


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Here is what I figure for the time quote:

This is directly out of Harleys 2004 Timecode Manual
Triple Tree Upper 0.8
Lower 1.1
Sliders Both 0.8
Springs 1.5
Calipers Front 0.4
Calipers Rear 0.6
Front Wheel Assembly 0.5
Rear Wheel Assembly 0.4
Swingarm 1.5
Rear Fender 0.2
Side Covers 0.1
Front Fender 0.2
Airbox Cover 0.1

The quote for the wheels include rotors, pulleys, and balancing as per the HD manual. Calipers include filling and bleeding.

Remember some other things:
For the triple tree they will have to remove the upper to get to the lower anyways so why charge twice.
When changing the sliders they will pull the springs also to do the job.

Do what you can yourself. Most of us know that changing the airbox covers takes under 1 minute with no tools and the side covers about 1-2 minutes each with only 1 screw per side. The front fender is not much more difficult and the rear is just a little more. This would save you 0.6 (~$40).

Try this for the manuals:

Hope I could help!


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The times he listed are book and in Denver everyone charges 1.5 times book on anything over an hour. average rate here is $68/75 per. I can replace a set of skins in about an hour straight up no add ons. Something to consider though, I have one customer who bought new tailights and front fender brackets for all 3 of his paint jobs, basically on and off in less than 45 minutes. DH
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