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(2) more converts!?!

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Well, in the last (2) days, I've let (2) different strangers ride my V-rod; and boy were they impressed. First guy was a 6'3" tall and thin car mechanic at the place where my son was applying for a job as a grease monkey. The tech has a nice Harley dresser, and the owner has been coveting the V-rod for a while now. The owner was busy with customers, but I let the tech ride it for 10 min; and he came back with a big grin on his face. I had the keys to his bike in my hand, and he seemed like a knowledgeable guy; so what the heck?
Then today there was a gathering of bikers (all types) at the local pizza parlor, and we were all out looking at each others rides; and of course the V-rod always draws the biggest crowd and most interest..right?
This nice guy I just met that rides a big BMW RT was really interested in my opinion of my bike and I said "take it for a ride". He is a very experienced rider, and also about 6'2" tall. Even though my bike is set up for my little 5'4" body, he also came back with a big grin, and kept telling the other riders (many rice rocketeers) how smooth the motor feels, and how relatively comfortable the V-rod felt to him.
I went on a 150 mile ride up into Marin county with about (20) other riders this afternoon, and got many questions and positive comments on the V-rod there too.
Let's keep spreading the word, and soon the rest of the biking community will realize what they have been missing, and what a great machine we all have.

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vrodvinny said:
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You seem like a decent guy but are crazy to let others especially strangers ride your bike. A very high percentage of all accidents are from letting swaping or lending street bikes. NOw that I got my didactic side out. Enjoy your bragging rights!
Sometimes when you ride with your heart you do things like that, I have no problem with that, I did it before with a very trusted friend who rode nothing but dressers he was wowed also :ride: enjoy the riding season redrazor.
I have only let my chiropractor drive mine. He has a class M license and I figure since he drivea a Mercedes 500 class, he could afford to replace it! I still won't let just anybody ride mine.
I let my former boss drive mine when I first got my 'Rod. He has a racing license, and raced a Suzuki 750 at Road America, so I figured "what the hell". Just last week he rode his "new" Honda CBR 900RR to work and insisted I ride it. WOW! I had a stiffy the whole ride! It was my first time on a crotch rocket, and boy, are they fast! :kaz:

People always offer to let me ride their bikes. I always refuse because I know that they are only offering in hopes that I will reciprocate. It would look like this:

Sure I'll try out your 800 lb 55hp Kawayamazuki. Uhhh-no, you can't ride my V-Rod.

The best way to spread the V-Rod gospel is by spanking them with V-Rod performance. :whack:
I know the feeling. Since I transfered down to MKE I have gotten 2 guys to come back to riding. And a third is looking for a bike to start with......
Now to get them to buy American.That is the hard part. But once they do it ussually is for life.
I only let other guys ride mine when I am on theirs right behind them. Keeps them from trying that crazy "this isn't my bike" stuff...
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