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2003 VRSCA
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I've been modding and updating this 2003 VRSCA since 2012. My current engine build is:

2003 VRSCA from top down:

Gen II ThunderMax with Autotune
K&N gills
Destroyer Throttle Body
Destroyer Injectors
Screamin' Eagle Stage II Cams
2005 VRSCSE CNC Machined Heads
J&E 12:1 Aluminum Domed Pistons
V&H Competition Series 2-1

There are a lot of other peripherals but none affect the reason for this post, which is: ALL HAIL THUNDERMAX! I've gotten a lot of great support from them over the years and the course of my many build changes to this point where, today, I've got it to where I think I'm FINALLY got the build I want and it's all dialed in. Racing this Friday at Empire Dragway. Will post results! But for now, here's a testament to my TMax idle data. Everything is IN THE GREEN!

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