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05 VRSCSE Parts Help.....

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Looking for the elusive bar/pad/rack combo for my new ride!

51126-01A - Low Sissy Bar, Chrome
51569-01 - Passenger Pad
51209-05 – Baseplate with luggage rack

I have the 51120-01A Baseplate...but would like to find the 51209...

Also would be interested in other combos of bar/backrest with or without luggage rack that y'all have been able to assemble since these parts are so hard to find!

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Thanks! Curious if you purchased this and if you are happy with it....I saw some not so great reviews and a pic that made me question the quality....
I did purchase it but the 240 one for my 2011 I immediately sanded down the chrome and it is being powder coated black. As far as the quality I dont see any issues its solid and fitment was dead on. Of course my plan is to only use the baseplate and rack wont use the sissy bar but considering the oem ones are going for 500$ plus since the hrf guy gets them for cheap on the forum and then runs to ebay with them to overprice it I am happy with the deal I got.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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