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05 CVO VRSCSE 1250 - Need Match PCV Tuner Maps for 1250cc and is PCV map switchable

I have a stock 05 CVO VRSCSE VRod with 1250 engine. I am tired of the stock exhaust sound. Plenty of power so more is just a bonus.
I ordered a PCV tuner and will VMod my stock mufflers and add 8 1/2" drag baffles into the pipes to take the edge off how loud the new exhaust sound will be. I will change to a K&N air filter but not go topless (may consider topless).
Question: Are the PCV maps the same for similar year VRods and does it make a difference whether CVO or not? Looks like I need a 1250cc map?

I will be looking for a map to match my new setup.

After some search and review, it looks like I should be looking for a 1250cc map to match my engine - is there a specific year I should be looking for?

I read that the PCV may also be switchable to change map just by a simple toggle switch - if this is so, I would set it up with a switch and want to switch from a performance mode to a cruising mode if possible and would need 2 different maps. I could easily hide the switch out of site. Has anyone done this before?

'05 CVO VRSCSE 1250cc VRod
VMOD, 8.5" x 1.75" Drag Baffles, K&N Filter, Top ON (option Topless)
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