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03 VRSCA new to V-Rod and to Harley

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Thanks for looking and the forum guys n gals. Forums are better for actual info than Facebook I’ve found in the past. Bought a 2003 recently for 5k, I think the folks just needed a fast sell. I look forward to learning some tricks and applicable aftermarket parts. Also, I’ve never had so much chrome and metal trim pieces to clean. Before I mar anything could I get pointed in the right direction of what to clean and wipe it down with? Ty. Here’s my lovely wife posing in front of my poorly weeded yard :) I’ve rode many years but always skirted Harley for silly reasons. Ty

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soap and water just like any other auto wipe dry after or do what I like to do which is go like a bat out of hell on hwy until dry
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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