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Stock mufflers and 3rd volume $85 + shipping. Some damage from shipping. Trying to recover losses from horrible shipping experience. Full disclosure story at the end for those who are bored and want some light reading. I have also included pictures.

The Good:
1. lower heat shield is undamaged.
2. All hardware is included and in good shape
3. Only damage still showing on mufflers is cracked chrome. Can probably be re-chromed and would be as good as new.
4. Only damage to 3rd volume is bent flanges (pretty easy to repair.
5. The exhaust was purchased used from another forum member and were barely used. I did not use them at all.

The Bad:
1. The mufflers ends were damaged during shipping, causing them to be bent. I straightened them out, so they are not bent anymore, but the chrome has a hairline crack in it on both mufflers.
2. The top heat shield is dented in 3 areas.
3. The flanges on the 3rd volume were bent during shipping. I started working on one and it was pretty easy to straighten.

Full Disclosure Story:
I wanted some pipes to v-mod. I found a great set from another forum member. Pictures showed their great condition. They showed up at the front door from UPS with a hole in the box and drag marks. Opened the package and there was damage to the tips (as noted above). Called UPS to make a claim. They were supposed to come take a look. Instead they took the pipes for "further evaluation" (my wife didn't know that they weren't supposed to take them). Instead of contacting me, they sent the pipes back to the seller. Now, I was without money or pipes. I contacted the seller and since UPS would not pay the claim, we agreed that he would just send them back to me and keep the money. I get the pipes back about a week later and now there's more damage. I call UPS again, chew some a$$ and they offer to take the pipes back. Are you kidding!!??!! Weeks pass, I contact UPS, only for them to tell me that they could not give me any information because they were dealing only with the seller. What? I made the claim. Are they nuts? So, I call the seller to find out that UPS has paid the claim to him, but only $100 (what they think the value should be). What is wrong with these people??? The seller, being a stand-up v-rod forum member, agrees to credit my PayPal account and I agree to let him keep some of the money to cover the second round of shipping. Now I have damaged pipes that I have no use for and want to sell in order to try and recover the balance of my loss. I hope that someone can find a use for these or has experience in making the minor repairs and can enjoy them.


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