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Final assembly part breakdown - Left to right.

Swing arm shaved at break “square” and at pulley area
03 front pulley
03 belt

Axel assembly:
.33” custom spacer
03 rear pulley
03 kush
spacer ( 03 I think - the one that fits lol)
14’ comp bowl
14 wheel
.25” custom spacer
03 break assembly

.33” from belt to rim -
2mm clearance pulley to arm - could trim more
2mm clearance rotor bolts to break
4mm clearance rim to break square

Going to 240 shinko tire so I can use this belt and pulley system - shinko 240 tire is almost exact width of the rim.

Pics below is 260/35 tire during the mock-up process - 260 is possible with smaller pully / belt combinations.

Tried offset front pulley (tracked inside)
Tried smaller 1” belt - (too long)
Tried 14’ break (cocked sideways)
Tried countless spacer combinations

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The comp bowl on the later models (240 tire) is thicker, more offset to accommodate for the wider wheel. Front pulley is also offset for same reason. Wider swingarm as well. Wheel is still centered in frame, just pushing the pulley out farther for belt clearance at tire.
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