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    I'm selling VRSCDX wheels. Was planning to put them on my 06 nightrod, but changed my mind as i'm looking to buy a set for a muscle. There is one nickle size bubble in paint behind red pinstripes in the rear wheel, but otherwise great condition with 1/2 life on tires. $600 + Shipping.
  2. V-ROD Suspension and Tire Tech
    Hey guy please help I changed my vrod both tires rear tire i put 260 metzeler and front michelin. Sent them for balance and installation when i get them back the tire shop guys says rear rim and tire was already balanced so he didn’t put any weight on rear rim. On front rim there are weights...
  3. Chrome Muscle Wheels

    Chrome Muscle Front
  4. Chrome Muscle Wheels

    Chrome front and Rear Muscle
  5. Chrome Muscle Wheels

    Rear 240 Muscle and Pulley
  6. Chrome Muscle Wheels

    Muscle Wheel Back from Chroming
  7. Chrome Muscle Wheels

    Front Muscle Wheel
  8. New RC Czar Wheels

    RC Components CZAR wheels, painted calipers, chrome fork lowers
  9. vrod sticker

1-16 of 16 Results