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  1. V-ROD General
    I just got myself a 2013 Vrod muscle, and I am looking to turn it into Nightrod, preserving Muscle exhaust side by side. My question is if the NR fender, seat, tank, cowl, would fit un the frame of the Vrod muscle ? Can I buy this NR body and instal it on a 2013 Vrod muscle ? Is it compatible?
  2. V-ROD General
    Hey guys it’s a pleasure to be here So I just took my vrod out for the spring 2002 vrsca and have realized that my radiator is leaking have came to learn that this is an obsolete item and I’m having issues finding one any help will be highly appreciated . Does anyone know where to get one or if...
  3. V-ROD General
    New to Harley-Davidson-V-Rod community looking to purchase one and customize it. Talking fat tier , slamed ,bagd, and single sided swing arm. What year is the best for these mods and where in texas?
  4. Problems
    Hi, I Have a 2016 VRSCF and the rear injector stays open and floods the cylinder. I have changed; plugs, coils, Rear O2 sensor. I have checked that its not mechanically stuck open by disconnecting it. I have swapped injectors. I have put rear Injector plug onto front injector which cause the...
  5. V-ROD Mechanical
    My Friend Dropped my bike now looking for the same parts and its hard any help would be appreciated! left side one grip with holes Need Same Levers or similar Set or also left side Need the gear Pedal Same as grip design or if not something similar any help or leads to something that is the...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello, first off I just want to say I’m a new rider just recent bought a 2012 vrod 10th anniversary this is my first bike. Let me just say that I love this bike and couldn’t be happier. Let me know what y’all think. Thanks
  7. V-ROD General
    Hello all, as a guy who was forced to part with his fully custom 2018 Road King today to pay some bills (the struggle is real!) can't be without a bike at all, and am contemplating grabbing a VRod tomorrow. Due to the vast difference in price, I was able to give the ol' lady cash and squirrel...
  8. VRSCB
    While riding the bike will shut down and then come right back. Sometimes it will keep running. Replaced the main power relay. Showing no codes.
  9. Classified - For Sale - Parts
    Saddlebags with mounts taken off a 2014 HD VRSCDX Night Rod Special. Will fit 2012 and later models Night Rod models. All zippers fully functional. Bags work and mount as they should. Left bag has some fraying on one small part of the edge that hangs over the outside zipper (pictured); right bag...
  10. V-ROD General
    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm hoping to find some help here. I have recently bought a 06 night rod and after doing a very close inspection, I noticed the left lower peg mount is cracked. Looking to replace that left downtube. This part is seriously hard to find, so I'm hoping...
  11. Classified - For Sale - Bikes
    CFR slip-on. Custom LED headlight and mount. Memphis Shades fairing is quickly removed and re-attached. HD ALARM. K&N air filter. Power Commander V FUEL COMPUTER. Custom made FOG LIGHT MOUNTS. New tires. New battery. Battery tender connection. Classy bike with lots of power. Excellent...
  12. V-ROD Mechanical
    The lights all work when I start the bike but the turn signals and break light do not activate when I try to use them. The horn also does not work. I pulled the AACY fuse and it has no continuity but it also shows a red light when the battery is on. It also looks to be blown. I’m just...
  13. Classified - For Sale - Parts
    Anyone have a set of 1250 heads laying around? Looking for the sandblasted ones preferably.
  14. Classified - For Sale - Bikes
    2009 Harley V-Rod Nightrod Edition for sale. 5800 miles, I am the second owner. Vance and Hines exhaust sounds mean. Fast bike that has been well taken care of. Recent oil change and newer battery. Located in Hattiesburg, MS
  15. Classified - For Sale - Bikes
    for sale
  16. Classified - For Sale - Parts
    Great shape. New quiet baffle and packing, can be removed. Decided I want to go back to stock exhaust. The Vance and Hines could use spray paint, I burnt my glove on one of the pipes or if you want to wrap it. If you’re selling tab slip ons I’ll trade you + cash on your end. otherwise...
  17. V-ROD General
    Hi Folks. Kind of a Harley newbie here and had rented a 2013 Nightrod from local HD dealership and liked how the engine was but did not like the forward set footpegs, which turned into an extremely uncomfortable seating position for me with no support for thighs (32-inches inseam and 6ft tall)...
  18. Classified - For Sale - Parts
1-20 of 155 Results