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  1. Vr2-8-harness2

  2. Vr2-7-harness1

  3. Vr2-6-harness

    Sensor mounting and Harness routing
  4. Vr2-5-speedsensor

    Used epoxy to fasten the large magnet to one of the slots in the hub. Made mount out of a scrap piece of stainless and tie wrapped the sensor to it. Notched the stainless so the sensor could not slip off.
  5. Vr2-4-mount

    Picture of VR2 mounted with hardware supplied. Not pretty but functional for now.
  6. Vr2-3-fuse

    The harness runs down the swingarm. Up into the fenderwell and across the back of the fuel cell. Extended power lead to reach back of bike. Run rest of harness down left side of airbox. Left fuse exposed for access.
  7. Vr2-2-power

    VR2 power connections at rear turn signal connector. Red goes to Blue. Black goes to Black.
  8. Vr2-1-rpm

    RPM connection on rear coil
1-8 of 8 Results