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  1. V-ROD Big Bore/Turbo/SC/NOS area
    Hey Folks! So a lot of you have followed my previous thread on my 2012 10th Anniversary (Nitrous drag Bike: The Quest for 6s) Linked below: https://www.1130cc.com/threads/nitrous-drag-bike-build-the-quest-for-6s.443427/page-7#post-4790221 We made some amazing progress and numbers on that setup...
  2. Bikes For Sale
    Hello, Too many projects so I'm thinking of putting my NRS up for sale but have absolutely no idea what the current market value would be. 2015 NRS Metallic Green Turbo installed right around 9900 miles currently has just over 10k miles. Forks rebuilt and fluids changed. Turbo kit was...
  3. 03 Turbo V-rod

  4. 03 Turbo V-rod

1-20 of 49 Results