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  1. V-ROD Mechanical
    So I just bought my bike last year 05 VRSCB thought I got a good deal on it, fell in love with rods since my old man let me ride his. Problem is/was that sometimes I would notice a little wobble in my rear. I thought it was due to crappy mismatched tires from the previous owner. So I got some...
    Hi guys . Does anyone have any straight forward upgrade tips from a standard 180 rear to which ever size up works easiest? And also iv bought a 2012 nrs front wheel what will it take to switch that over ? Usually I would just trial and error these sorts of things but everyone on here looks so...
  3. V-ROD General
    New to Harley-Davidson-V-Rod community looking to purchase one and customize it. Talking fat tier , slamed ,bagd, and single sided swing arm. What year is the best for these mods and where in texas?
  4. V-ROD General
    I believe that the engineers at Harley Davidson have made a rash decision in the design of the V-Rod rear fork. Upon replacing my stock fork with a chrome one I had to dismantle my precious bike and was disheartened to notice that there is nothing pressing the left side of the fork to the whole...
  5. Evill1's Parts For Sale

    Stock 2006-A Swingarm
1-6 of 6 Results