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  1. V-ROD General
    * 180/200 tire vrod owners only * I need insipration from those that installed/fabricated/customized their rear fenders. I have a first gen vrod and I'm not a fan of the rear fender, it looks a little goofy and not sleek as it stands completely stock with dogs ass. Problem is that removing...
    Hey all, just recently joined the forum - thanks to everyone for all the great info. Like a lot of people on here, i'm looking at changing my '11 DX and wondering if anyone has had experience with these short rear fenders, found it on ebay. It comes unpainted but looks a lot like it has the...
  3. Night Rod

    Kreater rear fender
  4. Some New Parts From Cutting Edge Illusions

    We are working on getting better pictures of both the painted set and unpainted parts.
  5. Rob And Mack Hoisting Our 1st Place Trophies

    We have been working on a new set of parts. This set has more attitude. We finished it up last week and got 1st Place Best Paint and 1st Place Best Modified at a local show.
  6. Fender Mod Project

    Fender Mod Project - 240 inner fender hacked - left the cross-member for a license plate bracket.
  7. Fender Mod Project

    Fender Mod Project - a little extra support welded in (1/8" stainless) just to be sure - don't want anyone to end up sitting on my new metz!
1-9 of 9 Results