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  2. Powerline


  3. Partially Ceramic Coated Powerline Exhaust Can

    Partially Ceramic Coated Powerline Exhaust Can

    Was too lazy to weld in insulating piece of pipe at time of Powerline install. So 3kmiles later I decided to ceramic coat the blued portion of the can.
  4. Aw Of The Year

    Aw Of The Year

    '07AW Black Pearl Powerline exhaust by forum member 'wicked' 240 Metz
  5. Powerline Temp paint

    Powerline Temp paint

    Hi temp gloss black paint, temporary until I can get it ceramic coated.
  6. Powerline quick startup sound

    Powerline quick startup sound

    Quick sound of powerline being started up and lightly revved.
  7. almost ready

    almost ready

  8. almost ready

    almost ready

  9. almost ready

    almost ready