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power vision
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  1. V-ROD EFI
    Greetings all, I've tried to get as far as I can by myself and using Google, but what settings should I set my autotune for? Min map kpa, etc. RPM is at 9000(won't let me go past 9k). Max ve learn at 20%, min .01% or so. It's set at stock improved right now, again. I recently got Bassani road...
  2. Exhaust
    So I have an 07 night rod and want to put a tuner on it but I don't have 02 sensors , what's should I do , I have a v modded exhaust and wanted to do either the power vision or commander v with auto tune....let me know if anyone has done this and what is the best way to go about it. Or even any...
  3. PowerVision
    Anyone have a map for a 2012 Vrod Muscle, topless, K&N filter and V&H slip ons 2-2 ???? I just finally got my Power Vision tuner and it doesn't have a map for it. Thanks
  4. Exhaust
    Hello fellow V-Roders. I have a 2010 NRS stock. I am thinking of installing Akrapovič exhaust with DNA filter and topless. My question is, PCV with readymade map or PV? I know that PV with TT is a really good combo but I don't have access to a proper dyno or a highway for a proper auto tune...
1-4 of 4 Results