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oil change

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  1. V-ROD Mechanical
    I own a pristine condition 03 anniversary edition VRSC V-ROD which has always used Mobil 1 full synthetic and only over 100 mph a handful of times. I recently did an oil change and while inspecting the oil drain plug, I found a small square metal nib and hope that it is something that was picked...
  2. VRSCB
    Hello, I ride a 2004 v-rod and today I changed the oil myself, but I did something wrong that was ordering the wrong oil filter that didn't fit ( The seller told me It would fit) Then after all the black nasty oil came out I had to put the old filter back which broke my heart.... My question is...
  3. Engine and Transmission
    I've got an '04 V Rod VRSCA that I got privately. The guy only used the HD approved oil in the bike but I was wondering what would the absolute best option be for oil in the bike?
1-3 of 3 Results