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  1. LC Suntimes Photo

    LC Suntimes Photo

    MDA charity run. Article ran in the Las Cruces Sun Newspaper. http://www.lcsun-news.com/news/ci_6221439
  2. LED Night Rod 5

    LED Night Rod 5

    You can actually see a couple of the stars in the night sky.
  3. LED Night Rod 4

    LED Night Rod 4

    Different exposure same beautiful bike
  4. Led Night Rod 3

    Led Night Rod 3

    Another beautiful pic of the led lights
  5. Led Night Rod 2

    Led Night Rod 2

    Beautiful LED lights
  6. Led Night Rod 1

    Led Night Rod 1

    Bike show winner!!!
  7. Lighting up the Night

    Lighting up the Night

    The Night Rod with the LEDs
  8. No background just a beautiful bike

    No background just a beautiful bike

    Picture of my ride on a blank background