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  1. V-ROD General
    Where do you guys get your replacement parts. I need to replace my radiator. Any links to any sites thanks
  2. Exhaust
    I just purchased the V-TUV014 db killer insert for the Akrapovic 2-1 on my 2011 Muscle. I can't find installation instructions anywhere - do you remove the 3 10mm hex key bolts from the end cap? (I couldn't budge mine, was worried I'd strip them) or do you have to remove the whole can? Thanks...
  3. V-ROD General
    I just got myself a 2013 Vrod muscle, and I am looking to turn it into Nightrod, preserving Muscle exhaust side by side. My question is if the NR fender, seat, tank, cowl, would fit un the frame of the Vrod muscle ? Can I buy this NR body and instal it on a 2013 Vrod muscle ? Is it compatible?
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello, first off I just want to say I’m a new rider just recent bought a 2012 vrod 10th anniversary this is my first bike. Let me just say that I love this bike and couldn’t be happier. Let me know what y’all think. Thanks
  5. Classified - For Sale - Parts
    For sale is my H-D Detachable Windscreen. This the the polycarbonate screen ONLY and does not include the quick-detach hardware in the pictures. The screen is immaculate and was only used for about 150 miles by me. Asking $235 plus shipping.
  6. VRSCF
    Commute 1hr to work. Cold N.Idaho. Need fairing. Ideas? Possible Arlen ness Bob dron but how to mount to 2016 Muscle? Thanks for any help!
  7. Classified - Wanted
    Hi I’m new here. I looking for a full set of muscle panels. I have a 11/2012 vivid black muscle from new and want to do custom paint and a couple of other mods. So the color doesn’t matter. I know I can paint mine but would prefer to take my time and try a fiew things. 🙈 ( preferred in Australia...
  8. V-ROD Technical
    I basically want to know if there's anything different or special about the muscle/vrscf frames. So far in research it looks like anything after 2007 is different than anything before it, and there seems to be some other differences in the fork locks for some models but I'm having issues finding...
  9. VRSCF
    I have a 2013 Muscle with a 2-into-1 V&H Competition exhaust on it. The exhaust came on the bike when I bought it 2 years ago. Last August I noticed that when the bike gets up to running temp there is fluid bubbling where the header comes across and over the clutch cover. I noticed that the...
  10. 03 Vrsca

    Rear Muscle on my 03
  11. 03 Vrsca

    License Relocate
  12. 03 Vrsca

    Before Photos
  13. 03 Vrsca

    Before Photos
  14. 03 Vrsca

    240 rear
  15. 03 Vrsca

    Chromed Front Muscle on my 03
  16. 03 Vrsca

    Chrome Muscle Maddness
  17. 03 Vrsca

    Low 03
  18. 03 Vrsca

    AFTER Pic
  19. Chrome Muscle Wheels

    Chrome Muscle Front
1-20 of 28 Results