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led taillight

  1. Clear Hd Led Taillight

    Clear Hd Led Taillight

    Taillight pic with the brake off/on.
  2. DCL V M-II @ lowest running setting

    DCL V M-II @ lowest running setting

    lowest run brightness setting for picture
  3. clear DCL V taillight M-II

    clear DCL V taillight M-II

    All parts designed, handmade and polished by myself. Chromed alu powerledholder,isolatedLEDcircuitboard and backplate sandwitched in layers. Solidstate robust electronics and heatsink at the back. A adjuster whitin handreach can set it from dayly normal to 'wow that's bright' showsetting.
  4. Turn indicator

    Turn indicator

    Camera compensates for the bright leds so surrounding is blackened
  5. tailight Brightness adjuster

    tailight Brightness adjuster

    Rear chrome acorn nut as adjuster
  6. DCL V MII brakelight

    DCL V MII brakelight

    for comparison to the stock light in next pic...vieuwed fence in pic is aprox 10 feet wide..center intensity is 127 lux (max setting) ...running intensity from min.2 till max.19 lux .(where mid setting is about stock)
  7. Stock  brake light

    Stock brake light

    location/distance same as other fence pic...bright part 1.5 feet surroundings 3 feet center intencity brake= 83lux (runing light is 5,6 lux)