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    My 03 V-Rod stalled (half tank). At first I thought it was bad fuel. Tried numerous times and ended up getting flat bed home. I put in some conditioner in the fuel and it started up and ran but really ruff. I let it sit over night and now it won't go at all. I don't hear the pump anymore on pre...
  2. V-ROD Mechanical
    Hey everyone, My 2003 VRSCA won't start after being parked for a year and a half. After spending a bit diagnosing, I determined there was a fueling issue. I pulled the fuel pump, and the corrugated plastic fuel line was cracked. I replaced it with a 5/16 submersible fuel line, also replaced...
  3. V-ROD Technical
    2007 VRCDX here with starting issues. This has been intermittent for ~4 years and I'm determined to get it fixed this year. With the key fob in proximity, I turn the ignition switch on. Headlights turn on, but fuel pump doesn't prime. With the engine stop/run switch in the run position...
1-3 of 3 Results