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  1. DealsGap 10/27/2007

    Another shot of the Radiator. I swear this baby handles as good as ole rice rockets.
  2. DealsGap 10/27/2007

    This is the left side Radiator Shroad. See whats happens when u let the pegs fold away ?
  3. DealsGap 10/27/2007

    Another shot of the pipe.
  4. DealsGap 10/27/2007

    See what I mean...It looks used and abused
  5. DealsGap 10/27/2007

    Right side isnt as bad...but thats only because the Rhinehart Pipe gets in the way 1st.
  6. DealsGap 10/27/2007

    Theres A Honda 954 that saw first hand why these pegs are like this. After that, all he saw was my tail light HAHAHA !
  7. DealsGap 10/27/2007

    Left Side Peg. This is how its supposed to look after a pass over the Dragon
1-7 of 7 Results