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    Finally bought the exact bike I wanted. 2008 VRSCAW with only 3000 miles. My son's an experienced rider. He was riding it and caught some road debris in the front tire and dumped it. He's fine. I took the bike to the Harley shop and they refused to work on it. Now looking for handlebars...
  2. Classified - Wanted
    Hey everyone! Recently picked up an 04 VRSCB project and I'm bringing it back to life. I'm looking for a set of forward controls with hardware if anyone has any they're willing to send me. I'd prefer black but not a deal breaker. I would need them shipped to 85122 (AZ) and can pay through...
  3. Hand controls
    Good day everyone, I recently purchased myself a 2003 Anniversary edition VRSCA. I know I can't be alone on this one but I cannot stand the grey color accents on the hand controls. Has anyone had luck finding replacement parts from other models that work with the VRSCA'S color dosnt matter...
1-4 of 4 Results