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  1. China Trip

    Riverboat - Chongqing is where to major rivers merge
  2. China Trip

    Airport in Shanghai
  3. China Trip

    Sunrise..... And yes you can see the air...
  4. China Trip

    Hotel lobby
  5. China Trip

    Inside KFC... Looks just like every other one.... almost
  6. China Trip

    Night Lights of downtown Chongqing
  7. China Trip

    Dragons are good luck
  8. China Trip

    This is at a famous "Hot Pot" eatery in Chongqing
  9. China Trip

    KFC in China.... yep. The chicken sandwich was all dark meat....
  10. China Trip

  11. China Trip

    Yep, the shrimp are still moving....
  12. China Trip

    This scene was repeated hundreds of times.... apartment buildings going up everywhere
  13. China Trip

  14. China Trip

    With 30 million people in the city, the buildings go UP!!!
  15. China Trip

    Traffic was unreal... especially the taxi cab drivers (yellow car)
  16. China Trip

    Chongqing Carlton
  17. China Trip

    View of Chongqing from hotel
  18. China Trip

    Another view from hotel
1-18 of 18 Results