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  1. Problems
    Hi! I changed rear wheel some days ago. When the rear caliper and bracket was dismounted i was for some reason accidentally brakeing with my fot on the brake pedal. I am not a super experienced mechanic but i realizied in that moment that this is probably not a good idea when the brake is...
    could any tell me the size of the banjo bolt on the rear brake is it the 3/8 or 10mm x 1.00 can't find it out any were
  3. V-ROD Mechanical
    Hello everyone, I have encountered a problem with abs on my RSCDX V-Rod 2012 10th anniversary edition. I just bought the bike. I have changed braking fluid and clutch fluid in a local Harley shop. And then the problem is occurred. When I press the front brakes it is working fine and then a lever...
  4. Brakes
    This past Wed on one of the hottest days of the year here in Central Florida, My front brakes keep locking up to the point that the bike wont even move. To get it back to a shop I had to stop and let it completely cool down and the bike was free rolling again. I had to do this twice to get to...
    Hi all first time posting. I have a problem with a 2013 night rod specials brakes, its non abs. Basically the front brakes are gradually locking on and the brake lever goes rock solid. I have replaced the brake master cylinder piston and seal, i checked and both springs were the same size...
1-5 of 5 Results