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berkshires foliage fall
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  1. IMG_0963_v3

    View from "The Golden Eagle" restaraunt off of Rte 2 by N. Adams, Mass.
  2. IMG_0952_v3

    The Golden Eagle restaraunt....The main destination on my 350 mile Berkshire run...great food, people, views, classic cars and bikes.....PERFECT!
  3. IMG_0976_v3

    Shot from the "French King Bridge"
  4. IMG_0937_v3

    A farm in the Berkshires....
  5. IMG_0942_v3

    Another farm in the Berkshires....Greylock in the background.
  6. IMG_0941_v3

    Same farm in the Berks....off of rte. 7 north
  7. IMG_0946_v3

    Road trippin' in the fall.....
1-7 of 7 Results