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  1. Australia
    HIL all, Hoping you can help me. I have 2011 Night Rod 36,000 kms original battery, is on trickle charger all the time. Did a 220kms weekend ride no problems fired up bike the next morning and check engine light and battery light came on but went out about 5 kms later. Big ran fine for the rest...
    I have been researching the forums and have read quite a lot about batteries. The one thing I have not seen is if anyone has replaced their battery with a Lithium-Ion type battery and how that has that worked out. I have seen that they are lighter and more powerful, but also more expensive. Any...
    When I purchase my VRSCDX, I plan on making many additional lighting upgrades. Consequently, I will most likely upgrade the battery. I have found threads on this forum regarding battery upgrades, but they are somewhat older. I could not find the dimensions for the stock battery installed on a...
1-3 of 3 Results