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A vs. B model headlamps

A vs. B model headlamps

A model has dual point mounting system whereas the B model has a single point. the Eurocomponents bracket was set up for the dual A system so I had to switch out the wiring harness and headlamp of my B for an A.

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Re: A vs. B model headlamps

Yes, the 05's have a very different headlamp system than do the 04's (which the folks at Eurocompents were not aware of so i filled them in and sent them these pictures to help out their customers). The Eurocomponents bracket had just a little bit too much bracket to fit onto the triple tree so I just nicked off a bit with a dremel. after that, good to go. the good thing about fitting the B model with the bracket is that you don't have to cut the instrument clamshell (at least with the 05', i want to say the 04' B Model instrument clamshell might have to be cut as it is not set up like the 05' B model, this probably changed between the two models as well). with the A model, not only are the handle bars higher, but the instrument clamshell requires cutting to make room for the fairing bracket. so i think the 05' B model is a bit easier to outfit. just a trim on the bracket vice making mods on the bike itself. anytime i can modify my aftermarket stuff instead of the stock stuff, i feel more comfortable with doing that.

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